Mercurial binary packages Mac OS X

This site contains Mercurial binary packages for released versions and development snapshots.

For more information about Mercurial or for other platforms, please go here instead.

Reporting problems

If you run into any problems, please file a bug online:

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The hg executable is now placed in /usr/local/bin for all versions of the installer.

Older versions of the packages may require adding export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 and export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 to your ~/.profile if you get an error about an unknown encoding.

For OS X 10.5 and later

The package uses the default Python installation that comes installed.

For OS X 10.4 and earlier

To use this installer on versions of OS X prior to 10.5, you must have Python 2.5 for Macintosh OS X from installed.

You can obtain the latest version here: Python 2.5.2 for Macintosh OS X


There are pre-release snapshots of the stable tree available for those wanting to try them.


Packaged by Lee Cantey

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I'm no longer producing new packages for Windows.There are a number of alternatives available from the TortoiseHg site including ones with no GUI component. Following the link at Mercurial Downloads will let you select the appropriate version.

These packages are self-contained and do not require any supporting software packages to be installed on your system besides an appropriate Merge program (see MergeProgram). Python version 2.5 is used for building the packages.

NOTE: The Windows packages include the now standard merge logic that tries to detect appropriate merge tools. See hgrc.5.html in the Docs subdirectory for more information on the syntax.


Packaged by Lee Cantey